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Emirates Cochin flight embargo Cochin Airport closure update 2

17 Aug 2018

Emirates Cochin flight embargo Cochin Airport closure update 2

Dear Emirates Partner,

Emirates Cochin (COK) flight embargo Cochin Airport closure with the suspension of services to / from Cochin.
Effective 0600z 15 Aug 18 until 0830z 26 Aug 18.

As a result all EK DXB/COK/DXB Flights Stand Cancelled up to and including 26 Aug 18.

COK Passenger Embargo:

• At 0600z 15AUG18 an Immediate Embargo of all Cochin (COK) passengers/services is in effect.

• No passenger with COK as a final destination are to be accepted for travel until further notice.

• As this closure is out of Emirates Control no liability whatsoever will be accepted.

Should passengers not wish to travel to destination Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) the policy below will also apply.

Please note that customers are not being rebooked on to alternative flights for later dates, due to limited availability on all flights to Cochin with it being peak season. Therefore, the following options are available to customers should they wish to change their tickets. Please contact your passengers asap.

For bookings made up to and including 15 Aug 18, for travel up to and including 26 Aug 18.

Rebooking / Reissue

For the entire itinerary, one time change FOC within one transaction is allowed for travel before or within a 07 day period from airport reopening.

• Travel to another destination in India (Rebooking is allowed on the same RBD if customers would like to travel to another preferred destination within the same country as the original flight destination).
• Return back to origin (Rebooking is allowed in the same RBD / city pair. If seats are not available we can use an RBD one level higher)
• Stay in Dubai at their expense until seats on the next Cochin service becomes available (Rebooking allowed in same RBD / city pair. If seats are not available we can use one higher level RBD)
• When reissuing, the following to be shown in the Endorsement Box of the new ticket “ROGW007 XXL OF FLT EKXXX / XX XXX” (replace ‘x’ with Flight number / Date)
• Reissue ticket as NOADC
• Where contracted only, Inclusive Tours affected un-ticketed bookings, at time of ticket issue the above endorsement will also be required


• No-Show charges are waived


• Fully unused tickets - Full refund for fully unused tickets can be offered.
• Please process this refund via your GDS “
• "ROGW007 XXL OF FLT EKXXX / XX XXX” (replace ‘x’ with Flight number / Date)
• Partially used tickets - Refund is allowed for partially used tickets in the order listed below:
• i) Residual amount after deduction of applicable one way fare for utilized portion
• ii) 25% of base fare only, in the absence of one-way fare or if applicable one-way fare is higher than the original fare collected
• Please send your query to

Should you have any further queries, please contact your Emirates representative or local Sales Support team.

Kind regards
Emirates Fares

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